Monday, 24 July 2017

Piling and the Green Benefits

A green topic not broached very often so here goes nothing…

The reason I have chosen the green benefits of piling is because it is a topic that to the best of my knowledge has not been broached by the masses and masses of green bloggers out there. So I really hope you enjoy it and have fun learning about how the foundations of your house can equal a long lasting building that will help our ever increasing population in the future.

Longevity of Buildings

The world’s population is growing at an ever increasing rate and that isn’t exactly diminishing at the moment so how are we going to house all these new individuals? Well, build more houses. Yes we can do that and that is what we are doing but a major problem at the moment is the amount of houses starting to get demolished due to their condition and part of the reason for this is the support, or piling, in place for said house. With all these houses being torn down and new houses built it makes it very difficult for us, as a collective whole, to keep up with the rising demand for real estate. So as well as building new houses, we need to make sure that these houses can withstand the test of time when the demand for real estate is even higher! This is where piling comes into play…

Piling for Houses and our Future Success

Piling is the reason lots of our estates are currently being demolished. This is counterproductive to our needs of quality places for people to live. Now whilst we cannot undo the past we can prepare for the future. Prepare for the future by ensuring the piling for a home is done by quality piling companies with quality piling materials and will not leave us in a situation where another estate needs to be knocked down and more houses needed to be built for these peeps.
Examples of house that withstood the test of time and piling work being done today:

The house below believe it or not is 500 years old! Currently houses are being knocked down in Belfast that are just over 70 years old. Where the craftsmen in the 1500s better than us or have construction companies got lazy?

The next picture shows piling work being done on a house in London.

Now I am no archaeologist but surely there is no way in which piling or foundations in the 1500s where as good as what can we see in this picture? I honestly believe if all piling work is done like this then surely houses would last a lot longer but the truth of the matter is that this is very a specialist piling company who care about their work rather than a big organisation who care about what is in their pockets.

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